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FOL 2019 by laws -updated by laws coming soon

FOL Members may contact Cheré With, FOL Treasurer, for a copy of our budget.

What FOL Does

"The purpose of this organization shall be to promote literacy at the school; To enrich the total resources and facilities of the Joyce Etulain Library; And to enhance a love of reading in the GO'K students." - The Georgia O'Keeffe FOL bylaws (a 501(c)(3) Internal Revenue Service tax-exempt corporation)

Your funds and time at work

thanks to our members and Volunteers we can...

Our library volunteers and the Friends of the Library Association continue to accomplish great things at the Joyce Etulain Library. Take a look at what we have done recently:


  • Over 61,000 books and materials checked out and shelved.

  • 1266 book club awards including 67 Hall of Fame awards and 4 RAM Reader awards (thanks testers!).

  • Purchasing new books and ebooks, while cleaning and repairing our well loved books.

  • Updated Hall of Fame Records.

  • Organized 45 shift volunteers.

  • Made library cards for every student.

  • Spooky Story/Illustration Contest for Kindergarten -5th graders, and 25 books published for the winners and library (Paid for by FOL funds).

  • Spooky Story Night with student generated stories performed by actors and musicians (Paid for by FOL).

  • Support for the 1st semester book fair and 2nd semester read-a-thon.

  • Author/Illustrator presentations (paid for by FOL).

  • Purchase of Book Club goal prizes.

  • Poetry Alive presented to all grades.

  • Fourth and fifth grade classroom Battle of the Books in April.

  • Battle of the Books celebration luncheon for 4th and 5th graders (paid for by FOL funds).

  • Battle of the Books trophies and dog tags for winning teams (paid for by FOL funds).