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Free Ebooks for elementary:

Our generous vendors have given APS thousands of free multi-use Ebooks in English and Spanish until summer. Multi-use means that several students can have these Ebooks open at the same time, and they are great for the distance classroom! 

6 Fantastic Websites for Free Ebooks

Capstone Interactive Ebooks

English and some Spanish

Features: Text highlighting and read-aloud

Unlimited use, no password required

TumbleBook Library:

English, some Spanish, some French

Features: animated talking picture books, read-along chapter books, non-fiction books, quizzes, and exciting games and puzzles. Includes ebooks by popular authors like Kate DiCamillo, Doreen Cronin, Robert Munsch, and others.

Unlimited use, no password required

Tumble Math:

A comprehensive collection of math picture books, complete with animation and narration. The books are accompanied by supplementary materials such as lesson plans and quizzes.

Note: there is a tab on the page called “How to Use”. The “How to Use” page has information on how to use Tumble Math books in the classroom and at home.

Unlimited use, no password required


Select school and then use APS logon credentials.

English, some Spanish

Fiction and non-fiction ebooks

Mackin has given us thousands more ebooks until September 2020 and we are in the process of adding them. Some are multi-use unlimited and some are not. We will send out more information on how to find the multi-use ebooks.

Mackin has a lot of distance learning resources and tutorials on how to use MackVIA.

Follett Lightbox:

Location : Any Location ; School: Follett eLearning, McHenry, IL ; click "Log in" in the upper right screen ; username: guest ; password: follett

English, some Spanish, a few Arabic ebooks

*Works better with Chrome

Features: Interactive ebooks, multi-use

Lightbox Instructional videos

Gale Virtual Reference Library:

Username: aps, password: cactus


Nonfiction ebooks

Note: these ebooks are good for older computers that cannot handle Flash or interactive ebooks.

GOK Weekly Updates

Principal Owen Updates

April 25, 2021

Dear GOK Families,

Safety Updates:

Our crossing guards are reporting some safety concerns with drivers who are pulling into the school or drivers who are waiting in a line of vehicles on San Victorio.  Please remember to not pass cars on the left.  Those passing illegally on the left are risking a collision with another vehicle and putting our pedestrians in harms way.  Please be patient, traffic clears quickly.

Arrival Updates:

Remember that students should not be dropped off before 7:30am.  A bell rings at 7:30am to inform teachers that duty begins and students can begin entering the building.

The first bell rings at 7:45am.  This is when teachers who are on duty leave their post and return to their classroom to be with the students who are waiting for them in the hallway.  This is important to be aware of because once duty teachers leave their post, the kindergarten gate, side entrance, and courtyard gray door to the upstairs will close and be locked.  Students will need to enter the building from the front door, no matter the grade they are in after 7:45am ONLY. 

Please pull all the way forward to allow as many cars as possible into the drop off lane before allowing your child to get out.

Have your child ready to disembark from the vehicle as soon as you stop.  This includes having students with their masks on.  Duty staff do have clean masks for students who forget theirs.

Dismissal Updates:

Students will no longer need to be dismissed on a staggered release as early as we have been allowing these first 2 weeks in person.  Students cannot enter the bus before 2:00, so teachers will release our first group of walkers, siblings, bus riders, and Children’s Choice students around 1:55 so bus riders are not waiting for too long to get on.  Our car riders will dismiss at the bell.

Library News:

Thank You Read-a-thon Readers and Supporters!!

With the money earned from the Read-a-thon we can enhance our aging book collection and support our readers with incentives. Here are the winners from the 2021 Read-a-thon:

Top Class Each Grade - Minutes Reading -Each class gets a class treat! Kinder: Ms. Murphy’s Class
1st: Mrs. Geha’s Class
2nd: Mrs. Fletcher’s Class

3rd: Ms. Camera’s Class 4th: Mr. Myers’ Class
5th: Mrs. Lowther’s Class

Top Class Earnings - Each Grade - Each class gets a class treat! Kinder: Mrs. Kierst’s Class
1st: Mrs. Westlake’s Class
2nd: Mrs. Golden’s Class

3rd: Ms. Camera’s Class 4th: Mr. Myers’ Class
5th: Mrs. Griswold’s Class

Two Students Per Grade - Top Earners - Each student gets a stuffed animal! Kinder: Konstantin T. (Christian) & Logan F. (Murphy)
1st Grade: Luckshmi R. (Geha) & Eleanor P. (Geha)
2nd Grade: Ariya M. (Henry) & Amelia G. (Fletcher)

3rd Grade: Claire M. (Camera) & Jessica M. (Sullins)
4th Grade: Lillie Grace R. (Maestas/Salas) & Harika R. (Perea) 5th Grade: Ryan V. (Lowther) & Stephen M. (Lowther)

Top Student Minutes - Each Grade - Virtual Lunch with Mayor Tim Keller Kinder: Allana S. (Murphy) & Angela S. (Kierst)
1st Grade: Maya D. (Westlake) & Kenzie C. (Mitchell)
2nd Grade: Ethan H. (Widner) & Gareth J. (Golden)

3rd Grade: Jackson G. (Camera) & Claire M. (Camera)
4th Grade: Moises V. (Myers) & Lillie Grace R. (Maestas/Salas)
5th Grade: Christan W. (Griswold), Karina P. (Self), & Elliot M. (Griswold)
Also meeting Mayor Tim Keller our top school-wide earner: Jackson G. (Camera)

We are so proud of our GO’K Bibliomaniacs!!!

Health Office Updates:

This is a reminder to not send your child to school if they don't feel well. Your child may be sent home from school for reporting or demonstrating any of the following symptoms Temperature of 100.4 degrees or higher, chills, sore throat, runny nose, congestion, new frequent dry cough (for student with chronic allergies/asthma, a change in baseline cough), shortness of breath, difficulty breathing, diarrhea, vomiting, nausea, loss of taste or smell, new onset of headache, fatigue, body aches. If your child is sent home from the isolation room, they cannot return to school for 10 days unless proof of a negative COVID test (with 24 hours fever-free and symptoms improving). If your child is sent home from the isolation room they can participate remotely until their 10 days are complete or return earlier with a negative COVID test.

Reporting COVID:

With students returning in person, it is important to keep students home who are showing signs of illness.  Remember to report a student (even if they are remote learning)who is COVID positive to school administration or the health office.  Please contact Principal or our school nurse if your child tests positive at any time.

Attendance Changes:

In-Person Learning:

  • Students are expected to be in-person for all 5 days.
  • If your child will be absent, please use your ParentVue account to inform our register of your child's absence.  
  • Students who are not present in-person will follow protocol for missing assignments as they have in previous school years.  Parent or student can request the missed work from the teacher to complete.  Students will be given a day for every day absent to complete the missed work.  Please work with your child's teacher directly for the missing assignments.
  • Students will not log in remotely for make up assignments.

Remote Learning:

  • If your child is absent from live Google Meets, your child can submit the assignment for a present asynchronous option.
  • Assignments should be completed the same day for attendance.
  • If your child is absent, please use ParentVue to report your child's absence.


Now that we are returning to school for in person learning, if you would like our school counselor, Ms. Valdez to check in with your child, please email her at and let her know.  If your student is staying remote for the remainder of the year and would like Ms. Valdez to check in on them or continue with support, let her know.


Registration is now open.  All students are required to re-register every school year and provide 2 updated proofs of residency.  Proofs that will be accepted include your lease or mortgage statement and a PNM or NM Gas bill.  Both must be within 60 days of issue.  You can upload these documents in ParentVue when you register or you can email them to our clerk, Fatima Gurule-Serratos.  Go to your ParentVue account to complete this process before the last day of school.  If you need assistance with registering, please contact our clerk, Fatima Gurule-Serratos at

Grab and Go Meal Updates:

Beginning Wednesday, April 7: Families of remote learners can pick up weekly meal packs on Wednesdays from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. at two locations: 

  1. APS Food and Nutrition headquarters, 800 Louisiana NE (enter north off of Louisiana); and
  2. West Mesa Aquatic Center, 6705 Fortuna Road NW.

For more information about meals:  Grab and Go Meal Information


If you are having issues with your child’s APS device, the APS Technology department’s Device Service Center can assist. First, the student, or parent should contact the APS@home Service Desk by calling 830-8080 or submitting a ticket at

Order Your Yearbook Today:

Since we will begin seeing some students in person, I have extended some deadlines for yearbook so we can include some photos of students in school.  It isn’t too late to order or share photos to be included.  All yearbook orders will be delivered straight to your home.  Order today, extras will not be available from the school.

Don't forget you can purchase a yearbook by going to:

Enter the school passcode:  101566325730674

PTA School Supply Sale for Next Year is Available Now:schoolkitz order your customized school supply kits

Don't delay!  Order classroom specific school supply kits!  Enjoy your summer and avoid the back-to-school shopping hassle, all while supporting your PTA. $5 discount for each kit ordered by the last day of school. Order from Bright SchoolKitz®.

The Store For Good:

The Store for Good is partnered with GOK.  By shopping at this site, a portion of your purchase will go to GOK to support students and staff.  Please check it out!

GOK Store For Good

Upcoming Events:

May 25th – Last day of school


Have a great week!

Jessica Owen