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We are on Twitter!
Posted 1/6/20

GO'K is on Twitter!


Twitter for GO'K:  Follow GO'K at @GOK_Rams or scroll to the bottom of the home page to see the great things that are happening at GO'K.  If you have pictures or events worth of tweeting, share them with Principal Owen.  



PTA has several options for you!


Facebook for GOK PTA:  This PTA closed Facebook Group has been very active recently.  This is a great way to get passive reminders about things going on at school if you are already scrolling through Facebook sometimes!  This is also a great option for asking questions about all things GOK.  Find us at Georgia O'Keeffe PTA.


Twitter for GOK PTA:  PTA has recently added a Twitter account! They will be increasing activity on this platform in the coming weeks.  Follow PTA @GOKPTA!


Instagram for GOK PTA:  Follow PTA at GOKPTA!