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Immunization Requirements 2023-34 School Year

APS Immunization Requirements

Contact Information

Cristin Mann

GOK Vaccine Clinic

The school will be offering a free Flu & Covid Vaccine Clinic on Tuesday, October 17 from 3:30-6:00pm.  Other school-required vaccines will also be available at no charge.  

Donations Needed for the Health Office

The health office is looking for gently used clothing donations. We are in need of little girls' pants in sizes 4-6, little boys' underwear and pants in sizes 4-6 as well as boys' shirts in sizes 10-14. 

Forms for New and Returning Students

  • All health forms must be updated annually
  • All Georgia O'Keeffe ES students must be up-to-date on immunizations
  • Check-in with the nurse to ensure your vaccines are up-to-date
  • Notify the nurse of any new immunizations received


Parent/Provider Authorization

  • Asthma forms: Complete an asthma action plan if your child uses an inhaler, even if they self-carry
  • Allergy form:  Complete an allergy action plan and special diet authorization form if your child uses an EpiPen or diphenhydramine for allergic reactions
  • Medication forms: Complete a medication form if your child needs medication at school
  • Special procedure forms: Complete a special procedure form if your child needs urinary catheterization or g-tube feedings
  • Seizure forms: Complete a seizure management plan if your child with seizures may need emergency medication at school
  • Diabetes forms: Complete a diabetes management plan if your child has diabetes.