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The Newbery Medal is awarded each year to the author of the most distinguished offering to American literature for children. It is awarded by the Association for Library Service to Children. Most years two or three other books receive Newbery Honor awards. Reading levels range from easy chapter books through high-school reading level. Content varies - from simple stories of friendship or adventure to books about serious social issues more appropriate for older students.

Students in this club may read any Newbery Award book (Medal or Honor). The list of books each student reads is on file in the Library. Testing occurs after each book. The student is asked two or three questions about the book. Questions are simple, so a student who has read the book will pass. Students receive a small prize in front of their class after every five books. Hall of Fame = 50 books

Newbery books have a BRIGHT YELLOW sticker with a medal shaped icon. Most of these books are in the Fiction section of the library. A few Newbery books are in the Nonfiction and Easy sections.