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GO'K Enchantment

This is our newest book club! It engages the mid-grade readers, but a student in any grade may read these books and complete the club. The GOE club has non-fiction, fiction books, chapter books, and even picture books. Ms. Huggins chooses twelve books each year, with input from 2nd and 3rd Grade teachers.

Students in this club read any of the books on the current GOE list. Each student's book list is kept on file in the Library. Testing happens after each book read. The student is asked two or three questions about the book. Questions are simple, so a student who has read the book will pass. Students receive a small prize in front of their class after every three books. Students who read all of the books are inducted into the GOE Hall of Fame.

Georgia O’Keeffe Enchantment books are together in their own section of the Library. They have a GREEN GOE sticker

Book List Downloads

Eyes that Kiss the Corners