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Bookmark Series

Bookmark Series Book Clubs are designed especially for students who are starting to read on their own. Sample series include Amelia Bedelia, Henry and Mudge, Pinky and Rex, Mr. Putter and Tabby, Arthur, and Fox. Repetition of favorite characters encourages beginning readers to keep reading. A wide variety of titles is provided to accommodate different tastes. Bookmark series books are shelved in the Easy section of the GO'K Library and can also be found at the public library.

Students choose one series at a time. They read all the books listed on the bookmark for that series and then take a short written test in the library. Questions are simple, so a student who has read the books will pass. Students receive a prize and are recognized in front of their class after the completion of each bookmark. Students are not expected to complete all of the bookmark series. These series do not have a Hall of Fame and do not count toward the Ram Reader Hall of Fame.

* Each series is printed on a different colored bookmark in the library. On this page to the left, there is the Bookmark Series Book List. There is one series per document. A student can complete one series at a time, and in any order they wish.

Bookmark Series Club Book Lists

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