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GOK Weekly News


Principal Gaillour

Cindy Gaillour, Principal
Georgia O'Keeffe Elementary

Week of February 26, 2024

Hello Georgia O'Keeffe Families,

The year 2024 is a Leap Year and Wednesday, February 29th is Leap day. Leap Day occurs because the earth actually takes 365.25 days to orbit the Sun, but our calendar only has 365 days. This means every year, our calendar falls slightly behind the real seasons. Over time, this would lead to significant discrepancies, with seasons happening outside their expected months. To fix this, we add an extra day to the calendar every four years. This extra day, called a leap day, is placed in February because it was the shortest month. Adding this day every four years approximately aligns our calendar with the actual seasons. While not perfectly precise, adding a leap day every four years keeps the difference between our calendar and the seasons from becoming too large. This ensures we can still predict and plan for the changing seasons with reasonable accuracy.


Cindy Gaillour

The Georgia O'Keeffe Read-a-Thon

The Georgia O’Keeffe Read-a-Thon begins on Saturday, March 2 and runs until Sunday March 10.  All students will learn how to participate this week during library lesson.  Be on the lookout this week for a separate email from Mrs. Huggins with all the details for participation.

We have two student-led initiatives we are implementing at GOK!

Official GOK Ram Hand Sign

Fifth grade student, Eleanor Lorino, has come up with the idea of implementing a school wide hand sign that looks like a GOK Ram! She had 163 students sign a petition to drive this initiative! Way to go Eleanor!

GOK Students making GOK hand sign


GOK Buddy Bench

Lily Harberts, one of our 5th grade students, has come up with the idea of having a Buddy Bench on the playground for ALL GOK students! Need a friend? Go to the Buddy Bench! Mrs. Valdez , GOK Counselor, will be sharing information about the Buddy Bench with all classes in the next couple of months. Thank you Lily!

GOK Buddy Bench


GOK VIP Parking Spot

The GOK VIP Parking Spot is reserved this school year for the family who had the highest bid at last year's Spring Fest. If you are interested in securing this parking spot for next school year, you can bid on it at the upcoming Spring Fest in April! Please make sure to leave this spot available for the family who it is reserved for! Thank you!

GOK VIP Parking Sign

Math Challenge

Math Challenge #10 is out and is due on Friday, March 1! Pick them up at school or print them from home.  Math Challenge #10.

Math Challenge #9 was REALLY TOUGH for all grade levels! (We don't make the questions!) Help your students read and re-read the questions and maybe underline to identify what the question is asking! And yes, you can check answers and coach students to find the solutions if they want help (as long as you aren't solving it for them). Solutions (and explanations) for Math Challenge #9.

Also, please discourage students from just writing in guesses. Submissions that get no answers correct and do not show work for the number required for their grade do not earn candy or RamBucks prizes. Send questions to Beth Pouska:

APS Summer Learning Info session March 6 & 7

It's never too early to buy your 2023-2024 GOK Yearbook!

You’ll want to remember this wonderful school year.

Don’t forget to email your pictures of events like Back to School Bash, Color Run, and Spooky Story Night to

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We are accepting transfers in Kinder - 4th grades for the 2024-2025 school year.