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Board Members & Coordinators

fol slated board members 2020-2021

Please send any questions to our FOL email address at

President: Eva Jackson

Vice President: Devon Shelton

Secretary: Chere With

Treasurer: Lisa Del Villar

Membership: Susan Hewatt

Fundraising:  Sarah Fuller & Lindsay Briscoe

Book Club Coordinator: Carrie Jones

Battle of the Books Coordinator:  Marin Chastain & Courtney Jackson

Librarian:  Annie Huggins                        

fol coordinators

Hospitality: Eva Jackson      

Book Clubs: Carrie Jones                        

Hall of Fame Board: Carrie Jones 

Bulletin Board: Open Position  

Library Cards: Open Position                            

Overdue Book:  Open Position                                   

Read & Feed: 

Volunteer Shifts: Marin Chastain  

Display Case: Open Position                               

fol special events coordinators

Spooky Story Night: Eva Jackson      

Love a Lonely Book: Open Position                          

Dr. Seuss’s Birthday: Open Position          

Battle of the Book: 

Poem in My Pocket: Open Position